Recipe Tahitian Chicken Kabobs

4 whole chicken breasts, split (or boneless chicken breasts)
3/4 cup bottled Oil and Vinegar salad dressing
2 tsp curry powder
15 ounces sliced pineapple
2 medium bananas or 1 large papaya
8 preserved kumquats
2 large limes
1/2 cup honey

Bone chicken breasts (or buy chicken fillets already boned) and cut each split chicken breast into 4 pieces. Combine Oil and Vinegar salad dressing and curry powder in a medium size bowl; add chicken. Cover, and let marinate 2 hours in refrigerator. Cut pineapple slices in half. Just before cooking, peel bananas and cut into 2″ pieces Or halve, seed and pare papaya then cut into 1″ cubes. Cut limes into wedges. Drain chicken; reserve marinade. Thread chicken, pineapple, banana or papaya, kumquats and lime wedges, alternately on 8 long metal or heavy wooden skewers. Stir honey into remaining marinade and brush generously over kabobs. Broil or grill, turning and basting often about every 10 minutes, or until chicken is golden. Serve kabobs with kasha or packaged frozen prepared fried rice with almonds, if desired.

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